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ping - yes, telnet - no on HR10-250

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My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I have searched but not found an answer for this specifically.

My hacks got wiped out a few months ago when my HR10-250 got the 6.3d upgrade from DTV. I finally got around to setting up the box again for all of my hacks including tytool (tytompg) and TWP. I've tried to reestablish telnet service for the last few days to no avail. Here are the details:

1. I can ping to the tivo but I cannot telnet or ftp.
2. I used PTVUpgrade's LBA48 CD v4.01 (with enhancements) to load a 3.1.5 kernel that has had killhdinitrd applied.
3. The IP address, subnet mask, and gateway are correct (they work on my other Tivo which of course has only a different IP address but the rest is the same).
4. This is the rc.sysinit.author script I am using (from MarkZ's "Newbie Guide to the HR10-250 Updated" over at DDB). Initially I had incorrectly used the script for 3.1.5. (The IP info in this script is for my network)

echo "Starting rc.sysinit.author"

#export list... I'm not sure what's really needed here
export MFS_DEVICE=/dev/hda10
export IGNOREEOF=1000
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/lib/modules:/usr/local/lib:/lib
export TERM=xterm
export PS1='\h:\w$ '
export TERMINFO=/usr/local/terminfo

#this sets up the ip address for the next boot cycle
#syntax: netconfig.tcl IPaddress SubnetMask Gateway DNSServer
echo "Ran netconfig"

#run telnet
tnlited 23 /bin/bash -login &

#start ftp
4. I checked the kernel log and verified that rc.sysinit.author ran.
5. I did reboot the Tivo so that the network settings would take hold.
6. I don't have serial bash access right now but I've ordered the cable for it.
7. My adapter is a Linksys USB200M and the lights are on and flickering.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I've been banging my head on this for way too many hours now. I'm probably missing something very obvious... :eek:

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Your rc.sysinit.author looks fine and if you can ping your tivo, your network params should be fine. My bet would be on the firewall. Did you replace your iptables? This little number :
cd /sbin
mv iptables iptables.old
echo -e '#!/bin/bash\nexit 0' > iptables
chmod 755 iptables
should do it or you could just stick iptables -F in your rc.sysinit.author before the calls to telnet, etc.
Da Goon, thanks for the advice. I did not replace my iptables so I will add iptables -F to my author before the telnet call.

I was trying to use a serial bash connection so that I wouldn't need to pull the drive but I can't get any response. You had mentioned in a previous thread that all tivos need to be hacked for serial bash access. My author file doesn't have this code in it:
/bin/bash </dev/ttyS2&> /dev/ttyS2&
Do I need to add this or is there a different bit of code for a HR10-250?

Of course my difficulty with getting a serial bash connection might be my cable which is an original Tivo serial modem cable -> null modem adapter -> gender changer -> USB to RS232 serial adapter. Yikes!

Thanks for the help!

The call to bash will be the same. Just put it in your rc.sysinit.author also. If you've been getting text output while trying to connect, just no bash prompt, then your cable is probably fine.
I've been getting no text output at all and I assumed it was because there was no call to bash. Should there be some output even without that call? I was going to order a cable from 9thtee or dvrupgrade because I assumed my cable setup was causing problems.


You'll need to have dsscon=true and console=2,115200 in your bootpage for console messages.
Do I just add
bootpage -P "root=/dev/hda7 dsscon=true console=2,115200 upgradesoftware=false"
to my author file?


No, you'll only need to do it once while it's in a pc. Boot from mfslive,etc, and do bootpage -p /dev/hdX . It'll return your current root. Then do bootpage -P "root=/dev/hdaY dsscon=true console=2,115200" -C /dev/hdX
X is the location of the drive in your pc (hda, hdb, etc)
Y is either 4 or 7, depending on the bootpage -p output.
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