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background: I used instacake with ptvnet to load 6.2-01-2-101 on my Philips DSR7000 eight or nine months ago and all has been well (compared to 3.1.. that I was running before there are some pause/play issues, pause seems to jump a bit when giong backwards, but its ok). Networking works fine, though I don't use it much. Mostly what I like about 6.2 is folders, and the ability to turn off the nagging 'make a daily call" messages. I also am using tivowebplus 1.2.1 and it also works fine. I tried 1.3.1 adn 2.0 (formaly 1.4) but they had problems with bad page display (all optiosn appearing as a long thin col in the cneter of the browser window with a dot or circle in front of each entry) and the install is a little screwy due to the inital load of tivoweplus via instacacke/ptvnet puts it under /ptvupgrade while tivowebplus seems to want to go under /var/hack. So i went back to 1.2.1, but again I don't use it much anyway.

1st issue: I'm getting picture breakup. When it occurs it seems to effect a gruop of channels on the same transponder, but its not always the same one. The fix seems to be to power cycle the unit, which points to some sort of sw problem (resource, memory management, etc). So something gets out of wack, and reboot starts it all over so it works for a while. This has only started happening in the last few weeks, so I had months of excellent operation, and now this. Its most perplexing. Anyone seen this?

2nd issue: i don't want to allow DTV's upgrade to 6.2 since then I'd lose netowrking and any possibility of manual configuration, and the fricken daily call nagging would come back. But, if DTV ever allows netowrking via the USB ports, I would like to know how to allow the upgrade, thus I need to let the daily calls resume (long enough to get the upgrade) since I have the call turned off. Anyone know how this gets turned on and off? The instacake install allows it to be turned off, but there is no enable/disable feature in tiveowebplus to control it once the install is complete (that I know of anyway).

Thanks in advance!
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