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With very serious blackouts on the opening ceremonies recording, I assumed I had a failing unit. However, I did decide to record both the KNBC satellite and local OTA NBC HD feed.

I reviewed the satellite feed and noted the time and activities of each blackout. I then matched up my OTA recording and began looking for the same problem. The result - 30 blackout issues over 7 hours of Friday and Saturday KNBC satellite recordings, none, 0, nada on the OTA recordings.

Now, this eliminated the NBC feed, the dish, the multiswitch and the HR10 since all 4 were common between the two recordings. The problem must be somewhere between the D* uplink and my dish.

I called D* on the matter and got the usual "we don't see that here" BS. I asked if I could talk to someone in technical support and got practically the same answer.

There was a similar problem in the Bay Area a number of years ago when they began broadcasting the SD locals. This time it was at their local uplink, but no one at D* would even consider the possibility that they had a problem.

In my case, I have a solution for the Olympic broadcasts, but my OTA environment is such that I have to adjust the antenna for each station. That means that I depend on the signal from D* for a typical weeks worth of recording because of the overall better quality. Right now, everything from NBC is being picked up on 11.1 while ABC and CBS are picked up from 81 and 87.

Like many on this thread, I have minimal problems with the HD feeds on the 70s channels, but the network feeds really do suck. From what I understand, the H20 LiL feed seems to have the same problem.

With the exception of football, I've never watched anything on FOX and didn't even bother with a waiver request. I don't seem to see the level of complaints about the FOX signal matching the other "big" 3. In the interest of stirring controversy, is it possible that this is done intentionally to drive people to FOX or, like me, does no one else have any interest in their programming and thus there are no complaints.
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