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I have experienced similar problems, but my scenario differs from some here.

I have two HR10-250 HD TiVo's. One is connected HDMI to an LCD HDTV display. The other is connected component video to a rear-projection CRT HDTV display.

In both cases, I do not see the blackouts being described.

For a time, I had one HD TiVo connected to my small, 15" LCD HDTV using component video (at 1080i). With this combination, I get get video blackouts every time there is a very bright (usually white or near-white) picture, such as during a still-camera flash, or an explosion in a show, or any other very bright scene. Watching the same live or recorded program on my other HDTVs, I never see this issue.

Now I have the little LCD HDTV connected to a Hughes E-86 HD STB, receiving DirecTV and OTA HD (just like with the TiVo's, but no recording capability). I get the very same types of dropouts on bright scenes, whether watching satellite HD channels or OTA HD channels.

At this point I suspect that the HDTV cannot handle the bright scenes. I once had a Hitachi 36" direct-view CRT HD-ready TV, and it had the very same symptoms, but only on component inputs, not RGB. There was a factory service bulletin that called for some component changes to resolve the problem, which it did.

So, I believe that at least one possible problem here is some issue with the signals being incompatible (maybee too high of voltage) on a component video connection during very bright scenes. It does not affect all HDTVs, since I have two that do not seem to have the problem. (I have tested the component inputs on the larger LCD HDTV that I currently have connected via HDMI, and saw no problem).

The fact that my non-TiVo HD receiver also interacts identically with my small LCD HDTV leads me to believe that the TV is at least partly at fault. BTW, with a different HD receiver, fed via RGB, the little LCD HDTV works perfectly--no blackouts at 1080i.

I would suggest that folks pay attention to whether the video blackouts occur at very bright scenes only, or not.
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