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I get the blackouts on all the LD network channels (West Coast Feeds) and occasionally on the Fox News Channel. I agree with the one poster who said that the blackouts had slowed down, but the past few days on CBS and NBC have really been bad.

What is frustrating is that D* claims that they are not aware of this as a widespread problem and they keep putting me through their useless tech support process run by the greenest of the green.

I think they have a design problem with the HR10. I have another, non Tivo HD receiver and never have any blackout problems with it. Same dish, multiswitch and the cabling to this one is old. The cabling to my HR10 is all brand new, clean high quality cable runs. It's gotta be the receiver. I'm gonna get it replaced and if it doesn't fix the prblem, I guess I'll just have to live with the problem until they come out with the new HR20 and hope for the best or switch to cable.
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