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the same thing has been happing to me. I called dtv and the sent a tech out. he couldn't find anything wrong so the agreed to send me a new one. I have yet to chage over because I didn't want to loose my recorded shows. I am going to do that after the superbowl.

It has happend mainly on abc, espn, hbo and nbc. all hd channels.

I am also getting messages on the bottom of my screen saying that I the programing is not avialble in my area. I just change the channel and it usually fixs that problem.

it is very annonying to pay for a service and not get what is expected. I signed a 2 year contract to get my hd tivo from dircetv. if they can not give me good service I will be canceling soon, regardless of any contract!

P.S. the superbowl is on ABC

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