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Picking Live365 stations if you aren't a VIP

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Go to Live365, register for a free account, and then search for stations. Use the advanced feature and only look for broadcasts marked [PROFESSIONAL]. You can do a search so that only these stations are listed. There are 715 of them as I write this. These are the stations your TiVo can play without paying for a Live365 preferred membership.

I have two accounts on Live365, one preferred, and one free account - leftover from the days when Live365 let you broadcast for free (those days are long gone). I logged my second TiVo in with the free account as I figured Live365 would gripe if I were logged into my preferred member account more than once (they do not seem to care if it's from the same IP, so multiple TiVo's networked in your house are not a problem if you DO have a VIP) and deleted all of the station presets from the free account that the TiVo would not play.

When I logged in from my PC, I noticed that all of the remaining broadcasts were marked [professional]. So I did the above search and picked out about 30 stations and added them to my favorites.

Sure enough, they all showed up on the TiVo - and all of them worked. :)
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I tried to add Y100Rocks to my list and it said I need to be a VIP for it to play on Tivo.
jkalnin said:
I tried to add Y100Rocks to my list and it said I need to be a VIP for it to play on Tivo.
I can find seven stations on Live365 that match the description "Y100" and none of them are professional broadcasts. sorry.

use this search:


Make sure you have the "Professional" box checked. You can play whatever comes up with a free account.
Nice, I'll try that when I get home. Thanks.

Y100Rocks is a station that you have to pay for - damn damn
There's apparently something I'm missing. The 4 stations I have listed below are all free, but only 2 of the 4 will play through Tivo. I don't understand what makes Tivo think the other 2 aren't playable. There are a lot of these that are free but not labeled Professional that won't play.

I have a free account and not VIP.

M3 RADIO - Professional - Says VIP only
Radio One - Free - Says VIP only
Rockland USA - Free - Plays fine
KBCS 91.3 FM - Professional - Plays fine

Any thoughts?

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