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Phoned Home, Now 30sec Skip Won't Work

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I "phoned home" for the first time in several month now my 30 sec skip has dissappeared and it won't take anymore when I use the S-P-S command. For some reasonthere it won't get past the play command and there is no bubble sound effect when you go to the play command after pressing the select. maybe I'm doing something wrong but I have tried everythiing and can't get it to take the command.

Can you help me?
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Be sure that you're doing this while watching a recorded program, not the LiveTV buffer. In other words:

- play something from your Now Playing list
- press select-play-select-3-0-select

From other threads, it sounds like TiVo's in the early stages of rolling out a new version of the software, so your TiVo may have rebooted to install it. That's probably why it got reset on you.
Thanks Dennis, I got it! It was hard to get tone out of the play button, took a few trys but finally got tone and confirm signal and it works again. Turned off the tone and disconnected the phone line and all it right with the world now...
Thanks alot!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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