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I just got a Tivo today. I used the phone line. However, i just ordered a Linksys USB wireless adaptor. When it arrives, should i leave both connected? Should i continue to use the phone instead of the wireless?

Will i have to switch to network to be able to use online functionality? Thanks.

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Use wireless if/when you can. Much more capability with a broadband connection to the TiVo. Probably the box will have upgraded to a software version that's compatible with the wireless adapter by the time it arrives (if it doesn't already have a compatible version).

I can't think of a reason to use the phone connection if you have the capability to use the netowrk connection. Faster repsonse to tivo.com recording requests, TiVo2Go, HME apps, apps.tv, etc. etc...

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Personally, I like to have both of them connected. Very regularly, I lose my network connection. I understand this happens to others, as well, to some more often than to others. It has been convenient for me to be able to use the phone connection till I have time - or feel like - fiddling with the network again.

If, like me, the phone line isn't in the way, you may also find that this works for you. Welcome to TiVo!

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TiVo to Go - copy recordings to pc then to dvd
Multi-room viewing - copy recordings from the familyroom Tivo to the bedroom Tivo
Access music from your pc
Access photos from your pc and from a yahoo account
and a few more things that require internet access such as local weather and road conditions, various podcasts...

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There are two core things:

Connecting it to your home network:
For MRV/T2G, Music&Photos, some features of Galleon (which amout to TTG and M&P)

Conencting it to your broadband network:
To get service updates without the phone line
To use online scheduling.
The online HME apps (from TiVo, and apps.tv), plus more features of Galleon.
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