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wolflord11 said:
Philips has been building Directv units for Years, but as opposed to mrdbdigital comments, their Hardware is among some of the best. Many of the Directv/Tivo units hardware were produced by philips and they are still the best of the best out there.
Well, when I was the engineer for the video production department at Philips arena in Atlanta, (yes, Philips was the corporate name sponsor of the arena) I had over 750 Philips television sets in the building. We had a lot of failures. We also went through 3 Philips DVD recorders in the control room, and they were not used that much. Philips does have some really good engineers in their company, and the support on the broadcast equipment they used to sell was topnotch, but I'm not impressed with a lot of their consumer stuff, with the following exception:

The only Philips products that I have not had hardware issues with are the two DirecTV/Tivo DSR-6000's that I have at home. They've been running since they first came out, (and I got mine early through Philips) and I haven't had a single problem with them. I replaced the hard drives in both about a year ago, but only because I wanted to increase the capacity. The original drives were still going strong.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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