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TheBod said:
A few weeks ago, my Sat-T60 died. I can not believe it made it that long. Anyway, a friend of mine gave me his DSR6000. He modified it with 2 large hard drives (I think about 160gig total) and it works great.

I have run into a problem now. It had not been updated in 586 days so I updated it. Now I can not watch anything on the hard drives nor can I delete them. When I try to play them, it jumps to the "Do you want to delete?" screen. Whether I answer yes or no, it then goes to another screen and says something like "It is unable to record the selected item..." My buddy says that it may have something to do with the encryption of the older shows may not be compatible with the updated software. I do not subscribe to the channels of the shows that are on their...could that be it? Anyway, waaaay over my head.

Any ideas? Can I reset to factory settings? I would not care so much except that I can not delete the shows either.

Thnaks for the help.
Your buddy had hacked the unit for a purpose I think we can't talk about. Unless you rehack the updated software, the shows are not accessible - no way to recover them. A "Clear and Delete" should clear everything and reset the unit. I think it's under the settings menu somewhere.
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