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Philips Tivo won't hang up

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After an electrical storm yesterday I had no phone service. I checked all connections and everything was fine. Turns out my Philips Tivo was attempting to call in, getting a "no dial tone" and hanging, leaving my phones on busy. As soon as I unplug the Tivo, the pnone service works fine... the Tivo phone line works fine with a phone plugged in, but Tivo can't find a dial tone. I have plugged and unplugged several times to no avail. If I try to use Tivo dial-in, I have no phone. If I use my phones I haveTivo dial in. Any help? I'm thinking after a Tivo dial in either test or an actual call the dial tone fails (even though there is a dial tone) but Tivo doesn't hang up....
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I'm sorry to report this, but it seems the storm has fried the TiVo's modem.

Exactly what model is your TiVo?
Try rebooting the Tivo.

If this does not work, then it could very well have a dead modem.
I have an old Philips Tivo model ptv300. It was refurbished two years ago when the hard drive died with an 80 meg and a new modem if I remember correctly.
Or it's time to get a new external plug-in modem.

thank you all for your help I guess I'll take Tivo up on their trade up offer since
I have a lifetime membership
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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