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I just instant caked a new seagate 500GB PATA drive. I used PTVnet first and then instantcake and PC said it was ok to go.

I installed the drive and now all that powers up is the fan. Power button won't work. I checked all of the power connectors and ribbon cables. Took off the front and checked ribbon to the front panel. Everything appears to be connected correctly.

I tried the new ribbon cable that came with the drive and it didn't change anything.

I then connected the old drive loose and still nothing.

Any ideas???

Update - after checking some other posts, I checked the fuse with a meter. It is still intact. Fan is spinning, chips are hot. I assume that means power supply is still functioning. Some posts said the 500GB drive may pull too many amps for this power supply so I replaced the old drive and again checked all cables. Plugged it in and no power light, just the fan. What is going on?

Update #2 - after two hours, the old drive is working perfectly. Did I just not wait long enough for the new drive to initialize? Should the screen be blank and the power button not work for a long time?

Update #3 - Since I'm getting so many great responses I thought I's answer my own questions for the benefit of others.

Looks like it may be that I had an older AMD processor on the PC I used to instantcake the drive. Will try another PC and see how it works.
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