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brentfarrar said:
Can i record shows from the hard drive of my DSR704 to a DVD or another hard drive or to a 1GB UDB drive or my pc???? If so, how?

I have 6.2 software.



You CAN use a DVD recorder using the Save To VCR option (or just hit Record when you play a show), but you can't run anything out to a PC. At least not legally, without hacking or without using methods that we are not allowed to discuss in this forum. The DVD Recorder is by far the easiest option, though.

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Well, you can save to the PC if you use an analog capture.

Check in the underground forum for hints on where to find info about these kinds of hacks.

In my case, I capture to a standalone DVD recorder. And then if I want to do any editing, I rip it from the DVD to my PC, edit and then reburn.
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