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Peanut A/V Remote Codes?

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i am admittedly a newbie, but i don't see much about a/v remote codes in this forum. i have the regular peanut remote that came with the HR10-250 and i got an LG sound system (Model: LHT764), but i don't see LG on the list for A/V receivers. i haven't hacked my tivo at all, and it has 6.3 on it.

anyone know what code might work? or where i can find such a code? i tried the code search bit in the hr10-250 manual but i didn't end up with anything.

thanks to anyone who can help!
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nope, the goldstar codes didn't work either. any other suggestions? i guess i could keep trying the manual scan...
Nope, the codes in the dtivo remotes are at least 4 years old. They may add new codes to the on-screen menu but they aren't in the current remotes you already have.
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