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I have transferred many programs from my pc to TiVo, but yesterday I started having problems. I was in the middle of a transfer to my TiVo when I stopped the transfer and deleted it. Since then TiVo thinks I am still transferring something from the PC, it will not allow me to transfer anything else until it thinks the previous transfer has "completed"

The TiVo screen says "This program has been added to the To Do list and will be transferred onto the DVR after the previously requested programs have finished transferring"

Even though there is nothing in the "To Do List"

I have a TiVo branded Series 2 DVR, This is what I have done trying to fix the problem: Deleted everything from the to do list, restarted TiVo 4 times and restarted my computer more than six times. Problem still happening.

The interesting thing is that I'm able to transfer from the TiVo to the pc, but not from the pc to the TiVo .

Any ideas on how to fix this glitch so I can again transfer video from my PC to the TiVo?

Sorry if this has been answered already but I could not find anything after searching the forum.

Thank you in advance for anyone that could offer a solution.
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