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I am getting the same error when I use the Tivo GUI to xfer files from my PC to my Tivo...

The it will just poof and not show in the TDL and the partial xfer will be gone as well, like it never happened.

Using Tivo desktop plus I can get files to xfer but a one hour show takes DAYS to xfer, and even those will poof if I add anything to the xfer folder before the first ones are done.. even completed ones that are on the tivo will poof.

It used to work great, but now sucks, neither using the Tivo GUI or the desktop software works anymore, I am damn lucky if I happen to get a file xfer'd these days.

Tivo tech support told me is was because I lived in Canada with a S3 and they don't support them up here, but it DID work beautifully for a couple weeks, so why the change?

I no longer believe it is a problem with me being in Canada, too many other people are having trouble and they are in the states and they get full support for their tivo software updates.

I posted my issues here but haven't had any help at all.
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