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Pandora not working

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For the past few days, Pandora will open on my TiVo and I'm able to select stations, but the music will not play. Is anyone else seeing this?
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Just tried it. Working for me.

Maybe try rebooting your Tivo?
Did you go over your free monthly limit? Believe it's 40 hours a month, and them month is coming to a close soon.
I never get to my 40 hour limit but TiVo was exempt from this limit last time I checked. It would make sense if Pandora started to limit TiVo users as I know it costs a lot to pay the royalties and with no revenue other than ads, the free service has to be a money loser. Maybe Pandora has started to enforce the limit. I use it no more than 5 hours a month.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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