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Pan Am available for free

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All 9 episodes of the ABC series Pan Am have been made available at no-cost on iTunes and Vudu. It will take a while to download the HD versions on iTunes as each episode is a bit under 1.5 GB.

The Vudu version is available for streaming as SD, HD (720p), or HDX (1080p) for Vudu enabled Blu-Ray players and TVs with the SD version available for streaming or download to computers.

So, if you have some unveiled episodes on your Tivo, you may be able to clear some space by taking advantage of this.
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I have seen them all and the show grew on me the more I watched. Is it coming back this spring?
I have seen them all and the show grew on me the more I watched. Is it coming back this spring?
Nope, canceled.
It hasn't been canceled yet.
This free offer from Vudu will be my first test "owning" something in the cloud. If it's still there in 10 years, as an "owned" Blu-ray would be, I might consider actually spending money on some of this stuff.
Too expensive.
Nope, canceled.
Sources? From what I've seen, it's yet to be determined.

"Nothing has changed. We are not cancelling Pan Am. We are still in production and will continue to be in production finishing the original 13 episodes plus one more additional one. We have one more original episode this coming week, Dec. 4 and then will return in January with new episodes, airing all of them. Pan Am is still in contention for next season."
As of 11/29/11.
Oh well as of 12/15 spoilertv has it listed as canceled.

A pick up of only one additional episode is not a ringing endorsement. It has lost viewers pretty consistently over the year and another show ("GCB") is already scheduled to take its timeslot in Feb or Mar.

It's dead unless this free episode stunt translates into lotsa new viewers for the 5 remaining episodes.
5 more?? epguides.com says 3 more..
Because the last two don't have officially scheduled airdates yet.
OK, I knew that.. I was just used to 12 episodes being a common thing (and now that I think, it's really 13, isn't it?)

But now I'm even more confused. 12 are scheduled to air, plus two more, plus I see there's one unaired mentioned at epguides.com.

Either 14 (if the unaired one at epguides is really one of the two 'missing' ones) or 15 is a strange number to make. How many did they really make? Did they suddenly stop production after the initial 13, a few more in?
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