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Think my HR10 is dying.....for a couple of weeks now it has been hiccuping with audio drop outs and telling me to insert the access card (???). Today I got a screen telling me the DVR was overheating. The screen said make sure the fan is working, clear away any obstructions, etc. and to re-boot. I opened up the unit, cleared out the dust, made sure the fan was working, and just let it set for awhile. I tried re-booting and before it makes it through the boot-up sequence, I get this overheating screen again.

Any thoughts on what is dying in my case? Power supply?


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What temperature is the unit reporting on the System Information screen? Is the unit in a closed cabinet? Try raising it an inch or so to improve ventilation.

The access card problem is separate. Remove power, remove card and clean the contacts, replace card and connect power. Here's your thread where you asked the access card question.
Thanks Jim for the reply. I'll try raising the unit some b/c it is in a cabinet. The audio drop outs, followed by the access card problem, and now the overheating problem all seem to indicate something larger is going on with my HR10. The audio drop outs seemed to occur more often with on the HD stations, and I think I've read somewhere on here that a failing power supply has been the cause - I'm not sure, though.

As for the access card, I did clean the contacts per your recommendation with isopropyl alchohol and didn't see any improvement. When I opened the box to clean the dust out, I tried to clean the contacts on the unit that the card slides into. Don't know if that had any effect b/c my HR10 will not finish booting up before I get the screen telling me it is overheating.....for that reason as well, I can't check the temperature on the system information screen.

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There had been some previous discussion here regarding the HR10-250 reporting an overheat condition.


It turns out the OP's problem was related to using the HDMI output and a possibly loose connection. But there have also been some cases reported by people not using the HDMI output in which case it turned out to be something going bad in the power supply.
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