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cynthetiq said:
my tivo upgrade lasted about 1 year, do I blame Tivo for it? nope.

do I blame weaknees? nope

do I blame maxtor? nope.

I have plenty of technology that is over 5 years old that is going strong.

My first Tivo 80 hours is still running after 3 years.

It's just one of the those things, electronics are sensitive things subject to lots of reasons for failure.
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Like others in this thread, I bought a series 1 6 years ago, and it is going strong. After 2 years, I sold it to my BIL, who then sold it to a relative of his, and none of us lost value in it.

My two more recent dtivo units are still going strong, and one has the well-documented over-heating problem. A $10 fan has taken care of that.

I'm sorry you are having problems, and I hope that they get fixed. I imagine that they will, now that you have posted it here.
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