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OTA/HDTV/Sat B. Issues (Boise, ID Area)

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Upgraded to the HR10-250 and had the installer over yesterday to set it up. A little background. In the Boise area, you need a 2nd dish to pick up locals via D*. They removed one of the round dishes, disc. the other round dish for locals (They thought I could reieve them and put up the oval - I recived the D* HD channels but not Locals via OTA or via Oval. I called up D* and they walked me through repeating the guide setup, so now I have OTA channels show up on the guide, but still not getting any signal (Checked OTA signal strength) OTA or via Dish. They stated I needed to have the other round dish hooked up and also said that they fillament (sp) may need to be replaced in the OTA. I called the installer back up and explained the other dish needs hooked up and that the D* rep stated the fillament (sp) may need replaced. He came out yesterday and hooked up the round dish into the multiswitch, but since then I can not get signal from Sat. B. Both A & B get signal as well as the sat. that the round dish is pointed at, but not B. Also he adjusted the OTA, but still didnt' work. He said he'd check into somethings and come back (this is his first HD D* install.

So my first issue is with not getting any signal from Sat. B since he hooked up the round dish for locals, but I dont' know how the Multiswitch is set up until I get up there (I can take pictures if needed).

Regarding OTA channels, does the antenna that D* supplies need to be pointed towards the towers? Right now its pointed south, but from the infromation that antennaweb provided, the towers are actually located east. So should I have him move it so that it faces East?

I'm sorry if I don't make sense, I really want to get this going before Super Bowl!

Also, I have 3 lines going from the multiswitch to the D* Unit.
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You need an antenna, not a dish to pick up your local channels OTA. I use a Radio Shack UHF antenna that cost about $50. You only need two RG6 cables running from the multiswitch to your HR10-250. The other cable should be connected to the antenna, and connected to the antenna connector on the rear of your HR10-250. Yes, the antenna needs to point to the broadcast towers.
I have actually 3 things. 1 Oval dish, 1 Round dish, 1 OTA . The oval dish is for HDTV and regular channels. The Round dish is for local channels in non-HD format. The OTA antenna is to recieve those local channels in HDTV when they offer HD programming.
What multiswitch did they use to connect the two dishes?
It should have been the Zinwell 6802 switch.
It has 6 inputs and 8 outputs. In your case five of the inputs will be used.
Four from your oval dish and one from the round dish.

The OTA antenna is a separate line to the HDTiVo, unless they diplexed it on one of the dish lines between multiswitch and receiver.
Thank Jim for the reply. Yes, they line from the OTA is seperate. Does it need to be pointed towards the towers? In this area, all the digital towers are up on a mountain some 25 miles away. I'll check on which type of multi switch they used and get back to you.

Most OTA antennas are directional. Those that aren't, are usually used for close by towers.
So yes, your antenna needs to point at the towers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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