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OTA Guide listing same channel in both SD and HD guide messed up

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Hello all,

I've had my Roamio for many years and it's great. I ran into a problem recently here in the Atlanta area. Peachtree TV which is 17.1 went dark. Other TVs in the house that have their own tuner were still working though.

I've gone through guided setup, whacked the lineup and started over, even whacked the whole system (losing all recordings, etc.) and still Tivo guide has 17.1 SD and HD. Corrected post to state that only this parent channel is showing the dups. 17-1, 17-2 and 17-3 all have dups. SD has the HD signal and HD has the guide and no signal.

What could possibly be happening here? On the TVs with their own wire to the antenna I don't see this behavior, only the Tivo does this and it just started recently.

I'm running SW version 21.10.2v21-a93-6-A93

Thank you in advance

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Wanted to add that the channel lineup shows like the following. The SD channel has no guide data but will tune. The HD channel has the guide data but won't tune. The SD channel appears to be in HD on my TV. Here's some pics too
17.1* SD
17.1 HD


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This happens when the channel changes frequencies. There is no guide for the new frequency and is stuck on the old one. The channel you show with the * is what Tivo found when it auto-scanned. You would need to report the change to Tivo. You would need to tune to the new channel and go to diagnostics and get the new frequency for the report.

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Ah, so that's what the * is. Thank you very much. I've opened a ticket with Tivo.
Appreciate your help
WPCH frequency went ATSC 3.0 so the stations that were on there got scattered to other stations

circle 17-3 is on RF32 (same as WSB ABC)
Court tv 17-2 is on RF10 (same as WXIA NBC)
Both WPCH 17-1 & 17-4 are on RF19 (same as WGCL CBS)

here is the full list for Atlanta

Click expand all and it shows all stations and what frequency they are on
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Reporting a lineup problem to TiVo and expecting a timely resolution is like shouting at the moon and expecting an answer.
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