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I have been a cable TiVo user for years. When I cut the cable 3 months ago, I bought a pair of Bolt OTAs. The OTAs and cable units are now BOTH connected to my TVs: main TV – OTA and Roamio (as well as a Blu-ray player); second TV – OTA and Premiere 4. All are connected via HDMI and ethernet. The cable units do NOT receive programming; they have existing content and will serve as extended storage (or be the most expensive Mini’s ever).

Both OTA units display incorrect colors on the screen. Main TV can only display greens and purples, and second TV has a border-to-border hazy violet overlying otherwise normal-appearing screens. The cable units have always and continue to work perfectly. TiVo is hung up on the question of what’s wrong with my TV. The real question is “What are the OTAs doing differently than the cable boxes?”.

TiVo has replaced both HDMI cables and also provided two replacement entire OTA units. NO CHANGE.

I have experimented with all possible HDMI connection combinations, including swapping the cable and OTA connections at the back of the units. The anomaly (both TVs) is isolated to the OTAs. I have swapped the OTA units between TVs, with the purple/green problem appearing on the main TV regardless of which OTA was connected and the hazy violet overlay appearing on the other TV regardless of which OTA was used. The OTA units are (mal)functionally identical with the anomaly apparently TV-specific. I have determined that the problem is NOT CEC-related. Only one TV is CEC-enabled and I can create the problem whether CEC is on or not.

On my main TV, I have learned to control when the problem occurs and, if I forget and let it happen, I can fix it. It’s not convenient, but I can record and watch shows. On the second TV, it happens every time I turn it on, but there is a somewhat bizarre, very specific fix. Both involve establishing the proper HDMI connection for the OTA. I’ve read a number of postings which cite HDMI inconsistencies. It would appear that the initiation/handshaking code sent by the OTAs is not the same as the cable units (?).

I don’t need help. Just hoping TiVo actually reads these things . . .

On June 26 I see that the Bolt units have been removed from TiVo's product line on their website!
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