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errandwolfe said:
Well, just got the latest release of 10.4.3 on my IDK, still can not even get the Tivo Desktop service to start. I don't know what Tivo's big problem is with supporting Macintosh folk...

To any Tivo programmers reading this, I don't care if it is a first release alpha version, if you have any Tivo Desktop software that will run under OSX86 I would be MORE then happy to test for you. Oh and please no smart a*s comments about "just sign up to be a beta tester". I already have, and there is not even an option to indicate I have an Intel based Mac.
Dennis Wilkinson said:
If the OS isn't even released, let alone supported, yet (this is an NDA'd beta, and I'm guessing we're not looking at a developer with a legit copy of the OS here...) why would you expect TiVoDesktop to be?
Yes, what a tasteless post!

errandwolfe, unless I am seriously misunderstanding your situation, you are either breaking an NDA, or breaking the law by using a pirated copy of OSX86. On top of that, you're demanding support from a third party (TiVo) for software on an OS that isn't even out yet? Jeez... :rolleyes:

I want Mac support too, but come on!
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