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Flyinace2000 said:
I hear you! I am slowly migrating my computers to OSX. So far i have a powerbookG4 and as soon as my PC craps out (going on 4 years) i will replace it with an iMac/PowerMac. TiVo does need to get on the ball with intergrating with mac.

DId you hear the report about Apple releasing a Front Row 2.0 with DVR functionality? If this is the case perhaps it could be some joint venture with TiVo and apple? Either way its going to be a good year for Apple hardware and software!
TiVo tried to work a deal with Apple and the rumor is it fell apart and obviously now it is most likely due to the fact that Apple sees TiVo as a competitor. There will be no Apple and TiVo working together. I speculate that TiVo had bad mac developers that boxed themselves into a corner code wise by not being more careful with standards and that Apple was never going to really work with TiVo on how to do DRM and so forth.

TiVo and its end users paid the price for this but it seems that TiVo has managed to find some new mac developers and are steadily working on a new desktop for Macs. I would imagine they are quite busy just trying to clean up the mess at this point without a lot of effort aimed at IDK though hopefully they are getting back to standards so they stay more compliant with future Apple OSes.
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