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errandwolfe said:
Bottom line, lets say Windows Vista came out tomorrow, how pissed off would the majority of Tivo users be if Tivo Desktop didn't work for another year!
Personally, I'd like to be able to run TivoDesktop from Linux so I wouldn't have to do the crazy stuff I do just to have a RAID array for my TivoToGo shows. But I'm not at all surprised that it isn't a TiVo priority.

Because the sad (to me) truth is that even among Windows users, there isn't that much use of TivoDesktop. I suspect that no more than 10% of TiVo's installed base has used TivoDesktop more than once, and if you figure out what percentage of that already small market is the Mac market...

Yes, I think it's a bad thing that TiVo has not done a better job of developing software that could easily be ported to different OS's and such. I think the success of getting Galleon running on Mac, Windows, and Linux shows the development path that TiVo should have used. However, I can also understand having to make trade-offs.

That said, have you looked at using Galleon on your Mac?

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