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errandwolfe said:
How does indicating a broken application violate my NDA? I am not revealing any confidential information or leaking any part of the code. I am not DEMANDING anything. I was merely expressing my frustration at the level of support Tivo has given to Mac users. If Tivo Desktop worked with 10.4 on PPC you are certainly right I would have no reason to complain. All I was doing was bringing up the point that all the discussion regarding Macs has been regarding the PPC version of Tiger. With the true Intel Macs due out in just under two months (according to the rumor mill, I do not have any confirmation from Apple on that), I simply wanted to make people aware that the traditional hacks people have used to get Tivo Desktop running on PPC do not work on the IDK. Tivo Desktop is in fact the ONLY application I have found that doesn't run on the IDK. The Rosetta emulation works fantasticly, even PPC games run without a problem.
I hear you! I am slowly migrating my computers to OSX. So far i have a powerbookG4 and as soon as my PC craps out (going on 4 years) i will replace it with an iMac/PowerMac. TiVo does need to get on the ball with intergrating with mac.

DId you hear the report about Apple releasing a Front Row 2.0 with DVR functionality? If this is the case perhaps it could be some joint venture with TiVo and apple? Either way its going to be a good year for Apple hardware and software!
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