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Orion tv code for tivo box?

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I can't seem to find the code for an Orion tv. I used auto serch to no avail. I am using a Hughes sd 40 dvr. Please help.
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I know once upon a time Emerson TV's were simply Orion TV's with the Emerson name slapped on the front. Try the Emerson codes, ya got nothing to lose.
Thank You, I'll give it a shot.
I tried the Emerson codes and got 0091 to work with my Orion TV. I was using the Tivo remote (not DirectTV). But there sure are a lot of codes for Emerson!
Nora, you are a genius!!! That code worked and I now have only five remotes to worry about. :) Seriously though, thank you all very much.
Just a note to verify that I also was able to use code 0091 to activate the remote tv power button for an Orion tv.
Thanks to this thread, this same code worked for my Tivo S3 remote. Much appreciated.
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