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Original series3 - Easy restore if 1TB or less

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After fretting for a couple of weeks trying to restore a saved original series3 image to a 1.5TB drive I was forced to spend a lot of time searching this forum for help.

I learned that if one needs to use MFSlive for any reason, then one can make the restore a simple two minute process. The solution is to use a 1TB target drive or smaller. If one goes larger there are a number of obstacles that need to be overcome which were not worth my time. If one reads all the instructions in the complete MFSlive guide you are led to believe that restoring to a 1TB (or larger drive) without using a hacked kernal will not work. To the contrary, it works fine as long as the drive is 1TB or smaller.

Hopefully this post will help anybody who has had the same problem.
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If you use WinMFS, this will allow you to use more of the 1.5TB drive on an original Series 3 (TCD648). I have done this and have been able to use 1.35TB of the drive for use in the TiVo. There is a 1TiB size limit on TiVo partitions, which equates to about 1.1TB. And since the original drive is 250GB, you get 1.1TB + 250GB = 1.35TB.

If you have Windows and WinMFS, making backups and restoring to new drives is extremely easy. You can use external eSATA enclosures, USB to PATA or USB to SATA converters, or directly connecting the drives internally on the drive bus. I've done all of these and I have a dedicated computer for drive upgrades and backups. It runs Windows XP, so I don't have to remember to run the program in Administrator mode every time.

The MFSLive Boot CD will not let you use more than 1TB for use with any TiVo. This is a function of the current build.

Hope this helps,
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