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Ordered the Altice package online for the pricing and “free” installation.
Called and scheduled the Install and added cablecard and advised them of the tivo.
The installer came, fussed with the cablecard and said the bind would finish in an hour and left.
It didn’t finish.
Called optimum and chose “cancel service”, as wait times for the other option was 55 minutes, cancel was 5 minutes.
The agent was a bit surly, but got tech support, tech support was on a bad cell connection, and the connection dropped.
Meanwhile, I had left my first call to optimum running in the background (had just added another call rather than hang up) and it was holding for about 40 minutes.
They answered 10 minutes later, got tech support, this time a clear connection but about 5 minutes in, it dropped.
This time however, the tech called me back, and after about 40 minutes of trying stuff said he created a problem ticket and assigned it to the group responsible for cablecard bind issues, and suspended billing for premium channels until its resolved. He said they’d contact me directly to deal with any issues.
The next day the cablecard was bound and everything worked.
Channel mapping was fixed using a zip code in woodmount and choosing Optimum SD and cablecard on the tivo guided setup. You can check the mapping by channel 33, it should be nickelodeon on the new haven based optimum service, in Fairfield, Bridgeport, Westchester, there’s a different mapping.

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