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I just aquired a brand new SIR-S4080R and wondering if this unit is valuable.

Can't beleive it is brand new but dtv confirmed that it is.

Is this a problematic model? What hacks can be done to it? Etc..

Please vote and tell me if you think its:

[1] a great find!

[2] useless old junk

Please wait for the beep to vote...


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Definitely #1. You got a Series 2 unit that can be hacked with the zipper and can be networked to your PC to download the programs directly to your PC. It can also be used to transfer files to other Series 2 Tivos if they are also connected to your home network.

Google 'hinsdale howto', 'tivo zipper' and 'tytools' for more details.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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