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I tried this under a different heading but I thought I might get a better response here.
I'm just not wrapping my mind around how to hook up my cable box with a dvr in it and my tivo to the same tv. I also have surround sound.
I'm sure this has been discussed here somewhere I just can't find it.
Any help?

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The first warning is that you CAN'T put the TiVo between the cable DVR and the TV. You need to split the cable line from the wall and connect it to both the cable DVR and the TiVo. Then you'll need to connect both the DVR's to the TV. How you do that depends entirely on what kind of TV you have.

In the end, the TiVo will only get the cable channels that come through the cable line without the cable box (usually the first 100 channels). There is no way to get the TiVo to get digital channels unless you get a plain cable box without DVR.
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