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I've come to realize my TiVo Roamio Pro 6XL stopped recording repeats on One Pass season passes I have as set to record 'New & Repeats' (and it's not the 28 day rule).

** Anyone know a easier way to fix this or have experience wit this problem?

The only way I have found to 'fix' this is to delete a OP (One Pass) for a show and start a new one from scratch. Since I have 178 One Passes, it would be a *lot* of time and labor to delete, create new, and reorder all new One Passes.

I've gone into a OP and re-saved it, but it does nothing. On my bedroom TiVo Roamio (4 tuner) the exact same OP records repeats (not previously recorded in the last 28 days). For example, a Modern Family OP in the problematic TiVo will record zero episodes, but I would have 20 plus on the bedroom box.

Thank you,


PS: This issue existed before the guide updates.

For discussion purposes almost all my One Passes are set as follows,

Start from: Season 1
Rent or Buy; Not included
Get in HD: Always
Record: New & repeats
Keep at most: All
Keep until: Space needed
Start/Stop: 1 min/1 min

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Thank you for your post.
We have a known issue that we are investigating due to this subject.
As you stated, the only procedure that seems to help is deleting and recreating OnePasses.
We do not have an ETA at this time, but we would be happy to add their TSNs to the list of affected devices.
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