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amules2003 said:
I have a new wireless network and seems like the upload time is slow, about an hour to per an hour 1/2 for an hour show? any input.
I have one Tivo using a Linksys usb adaptor running 802.11b, and the other on a 100mb cable through a "usb to 10baseT adaptor", and I can transfer a 30 minute show in about 18 mins in normal network traffic. If no one else is on the network, and I have the full bandwidth, I can move a 30 min show in about 12-13 mins. The Tivos are about 30 feet apart (direct line) and have the usual walls and stuff in-between them.

Its usually quick enough to start the transfer, get a soda from the fridge, and then start watching the show, skipping through the commercials, and finish the show just after the transfer has completed (finish a 30 minute show in 20 mins).

Hope this helps you get a benchmark...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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