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I've been searching for half an hour, but I can't find an answer that meets my scenario!

I have an S2 that's over four years old. Unfortunately, when I bought it, I didn't go lifetime. Instead, I've been paying the monthly 12.95. I was skeptical at the time of the whole enterprise, and it continues to cost me. :down: I don't believe there was a time commitment in those days, either.

Tonight I bought a TiVo HD. I logged into the web site, and it offers 6.95 monthly for three years, or 299 for three year prepay (as well as 10.95/1, 8.95/2, 179, and 279) on my new box.

Obviously they're offering the MSD on the TiVo HD on those monthly quotes. It looks like I'd want to go monthly for 6.95 for the second box, totaling 19.90/month.

What happens to my price if I retire the old S2 (or it dies?) Does the HD's subscription go up by $6 to 12.95? Or does it somehow revert to something less favorable?

If I retired the S2 soon, the 299 prepay on the HD makes the most sense because I'd be using just one box for the equivalent of 8.30/month.

I feel like I'm missing something to make this decision a no-brainer.

At least I talked my mom into lifetime on her late 2004 S2 purchase!

And, will it let me fire it up and do Guided Setup before it's activated? I need to hear from the gurus around here first. :D Doesn't it give you a few days?

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You have three options:
1) Switch your current service contract to the new THD. You keep $12.95 month rate, no commitment. You can do this yourself under manage my account (change service number)
2) Add new Tivo HD at MSD rate. That costs an additional $6.95 a month, but assumes you will keep both (or two) boxes active for 3 years.
3) Cancel the S2 and prepay for $299 for 3 years.

(You actually have a 4th/5th option, but they are more expensive/difficult
- Buy a S1 with lifetime and use the current LT transfer option
- Buy a lifetime service gift certificate)

Yes, you can run guided setup. You will have everything but the broadband features (unbox, HME, etc) for 7 days before you have to put service on the box.
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