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Oklahoma State Football

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Hello everyone. I dunno if this is the right forum, so I am just hoping that it is. Anyways, I am in the military and stationed in Japan. We do not get ESPN and all that out here. I am wondering if there is anyway that someone could record these games for me and maybe burn them to a dvd and send them to me or post them some where that I could download them from. I am willing to pay a bit for your time. I am a huge Oklahoma State football fan and I am really going to miss these if I can not find some help. If this is not the right place to ask, could someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a ton,

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Hey Penguin. I am afraid I can't help becasue they don't show much OSU football around my area, but I would try posting in the Happy Hour. Good Luck!
You might try contacting the sports director at Oklahoma state. They record virtually all of their games for study, and might be interested in helping one of their loyal fans serving in the armed forces. I doubt it would happen, but it's worth a shot.

Do you have any friends CONUS that can order the NCAA football package from their cable or satellite provider? If they do, buy them a Slingbox, and ask them to record all the games for you. Then you can stream the games to your PC. Seems like the easiest method to me.
If it's shown in DFW I can do this for you but as far as I know they only show a few ok. st. games on the fox sports southwest so I'm not sure home many games I can get. Do you have a tv schedule or anything ?
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