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Odd warning message on TiVo (Cox/tuning adapter)

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While I was watching (live) a game on MLB Network HD, TiVo popped up a warning message saying "Press Select or this channel may be temporarily unavoidable". Why am I getting this message? Blacking out a channel I'm watching live is outrageous. This would be especially bad if I were recording a game, then I wouldn't be around to stop the channel from blacking out.

I've seen other odd behavior from MLB Network: if I navigate directly to the channel it may give me a black screen, but if I go to it using channel up/down it displays normally. I haven't seen either behavior from other channels.
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I believe that this message is displayed when you are viewing a Switched Digital Video channel and you have not pressed any buttons on the remote for a while, so the TiVo doesn't know if you are still watching.

SDV channels have a limit on the number of people that can tune to them at any one time, and if this number is exceeded, someone may get an error telling them that they can't tune to it and to try again later.

So, the TiVo actively tries to release its "lease" on the channel so that it will be available to as many people as possible.

The message would not occur during a recording because the TiVo knows that it needs to retain its lease for the duration of the recording. Once the recording is done though, the message will come up and the lease will be released if you don't respond to the message.

If you tune to an SDV channel and get a black screen, it could be indicative of a signal issue.

You can see which channels are SDV by looking at Cox's lineup page. Not sure where you are, but the one for Phoenix is at the following link:


SDV channels are marked with an asterisk in this PDF. MLB HD is SDV in Phoenix.
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