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Hey all

I have a number of movies that are on my computer ripped to MPG2. They have all been done with the exact same specs. I have been transferring to my S2 with Tivo Desktop, all so far have worked fine (kids movies, so I don't have to keep pulling out different DVD's). I am having a problem with last one. It starts transfer to Tivo box and I can watch it but it always stops at the 3 minute mark. I can watch the transferred movie fine on the Tivo (1st 3 minutes) and I can watch the whole movie on PC. Also, the movie total is about 1.8GB and on the desktop it shows that it is 503 mb, but only 3 minutes...

Any ideas?


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If you don't have it already, get a copy (free trial available) of VideoReDo , and run your movie through the "quickstream fix" option under "tools".
It even works with and outputs .Tivo files.

If that doesn't work, you can try running it through the free Videora Tivo Converter .

Good luck,
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