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Hello everybody. I'm the "other" person with the same freezing problem using a DirecTiVo running 6.2. NASA launch this morning was a disaster (at least for my TiVo ;-)

I tried grepping the log for clues, but the commands:
mkdir /mnt/var
mount /dev/hdc9 /mnt/var
grep -i swap /mnt/var/kernel

produced a "no such file or directory" message on the grep command.

So I proceeded to try to re-initialize the swap area. tpip reported version 1.1, so I entered:

tpip --swapped -s /dev/hdc

tpip reported that it initialized a 192MB swap.

And put the drive back in the TiVo.

The results are promising but not conclusive. The recordings I made this morning (of the shuttle launch) freeze up instantly when you try to play them (or more specifically, they re-start at the freeze point), but maybe they were corrupted when recording.

But the good news, so far, it looks like a new recording is working, but I've only been up for a few minutes so its hard to say for sure.

>>> Thank you TiVo experts for figuring this out!

Do you think it's safe to delete the "corrupted" recordings? Or is there a chance they'll go into the free space in a corrupt way?

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