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A few weeks ago I replaced a small Samsung TV with a brand new 43" Samsung 4k for a whopping $270.

SAMSUNG 43" Class 4K Crystal UHD (2160P) LED Smart TV with HDR UN43TU7000 2020

TiVo Mini (RA9200) - connected via HDMI
-Software Version: 21.10.2.v6-a92-6-a92

Now, seemingly randomly, when I attempt to use my Mini and go straight to my recordings they play as a blank video (UI works fine, and the video controls / video length seem to be normal).

I can fast forward through the recording, but no video or audio plays on the Samsung, only a black screen with the TiVo user interface.

I've disconnected the power from both the Mini and the TV which does not resolve this problem. I even swapped a Mini from another room and still experience the same problem.

I've eventually found a workaround by playing live TV first, then the recordings seem to work normally after. The problem eventually comes back later.

Anyone know what may be causing this or know of a proper fix?

NOTE: I have had no problems on older TVs. Seems specific to the new model.

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I believe others are reporting similar issues.

You might want to state the OS versions running on your Mini and DVR.
mini vox is software 21.10.2
Older mini is 21.10.2
Roamio is 21.10.2

Mini vox gave a v112 error today saying it couldn't connect to the main box. Older mini tried to play the show but gave the black screen with no audio/video.
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