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'NY Ink' - New Tattoo reality show

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Just a heads up for those that liked the show 'Miami Ink'. A new tattoo reality show starts Thursday, June 2 called 'NY Ink'. It going to star Ami James from the show 'Miami Ink' who is starting up a new shop/business in New York.

NY Ink follows Ami James as he puts it all on the line to become the Tattoo King of New York. Always looking for his next big challenge, Ami's new shop will be opening up right in the heart of SoHo. A new shop means hiring a whole new crew, and with that, a whole new set of problems.
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That's odd. The previews make it look like he's trying to open an art gallery.
Too much contrived drama, not enough tatting. Also, now I remember from MI that apparently, you can only be inspired to get a tattoo by someone that's died. Same story over and over and over and over....
I watched maybe 10 minutes and stopped it and then erased it. It was very boring.
While I don't have any tattoos, I like to photograph people who have them.

Chiller Expo April, 2011 by jamesbobo62, on Flickr

Tattooed Lady by jamesbobo62, on Flickr

Tattooed bodybuilder by jamesbobo62, on Flickr
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