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I have a Tivo Premiere XL - it was working fine with its CableCARD from my old cable company, now I've had to move. I'm trying to get it setup in my new place, but I don't have the New CableCARD yet. Right now, all I want is the ability to watch what I have recorded.

So - the TiVo is connected to my network and internet and connected to my TV with an HDMI cable (Same exact setup in old house). When I power up the TiVo, I get the please wait, etc for about the same startup time as usual - the Tivo noticed that I didn't have a cable card and asked me if I wanted to install one - I said "No" because I dont' have it yet - then it asked me to run Guided setup - at this point I did not.

So - my problem - now when I hit the TiVo button on my remote, I heard the sound effect but then I get an unresponsive Black Screen - when I hit TiVo, Live TV, Select or any direction button I hear the error sound but nothing happens. After about 20 minutes the TiVo times out and attempts to show me Live TV - I hit the Tivo button again and the same problem happens.

Please help!! - Thanks.
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