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Now Playing Folder Name

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This is not a biggie but I'm curious why my new-to-me Series2 DT is displaying the wrong folder name for my HD unit in its Now Playing List. I have an HD unit that I had named on Tivo.com prior to installing the Series2. After setting up the Series2 I went to Tivo.com and named the Series2 and then renamed the HD unit. The HD unit shows the correct folder name for the Series2 but the Series2 continues to show the old folder name for the HD. Seems like the folder name should have been updated during a subsequent contact with the Tivo mothership. All other internet communication between the units works fine (program transfers).
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Try forcing a call from the Series 2
Give it up to a week.
Try forcing a call from the Series 2
It has been a three weeks since it went online and it has had at least a couple of forced Tivo connections. I wonder if this was something that only got communicated during Guided Setup.
It has been a three weeks since it went online and it has had at least a couple of forced Tivo connections. I wonder if this was something that only got communicated during Guided Setup.
If it hasn't caught up on its own you can do the rename two step.

Go to www.tivo.com/manage and log in to manage your account. Once there rename the DVRs and turn transfers and downloads off. Wait a few hours for these website changes to trickle out to the TiVo Service (server farm). TiVo says it can take up to 3 hours.

Back at the DVRs force each to connect to the service to download the changes. You will know you got the change when system information indicates TiVo ToGo = i,i,i.

Once both DVRs see the change, go back to manage my account on the TiVo website and turn things back on. You can change the names again if you wish. Wait up to three hours again to allow the changes to filter out.

Repeat the connections on the DVRs to suck down the changes. These changes will include new certificates that the DVRs use to communicate with each other and of course their new names. Once the DVRs show TiVo ToGo = a,a,a on system information pull their power plugs for at least thirty seconds to force a hard reboot.

This procedure is overly complex and I suspect only a subset of it is truly necessary to fix your problem, but doing the full two step has worked to clear this and other problems of a similar nature and has worked well for many people for many years now, so I suggest doing the whole thing anyway. Usually just waiting a few days clears your problem up, but since it didn't, give this a shot.
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It appears that the problem was with the Tivo that had its name changed (my Series 3 HD unit). Changing the name on Tivo.com would cause the unit to reflect the new name after a subsequent call to the mothership BUT the new name was apparently not made available to other network connections until the renamed unit was restarted. I figured this out when I saw that Tivo Desktop and the kmttg (Tivo To Go) programs also reflected the old name. As a double-check, I installed Tivo Desktop from scratch on a second PC and it had the same issue. I fired up the guilty Tivo and forced it to restart (without a power cycle) and now every connection sees the new name. One other oddity is that the kmttg program still shows the old Tivo name as well as the new one and the Now Playing list matches between them. Guess I'll reinstall it to see if that clears up.
I found that the kmttg program has a way to delete Tivo connections. Under Configuration/Tivos it shows a list of connections and allows you to delete them.
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