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You think you're upset? Immagine the people who bought microsoft dual core and quad core processors right before July 22nd. They cut prices in half.

People were paying $400 for the Q600 and 24 hours later it was $200. Some people were paying 250 for the 1000MHZ FSB 2.4 GHZ Dual core and 24 hours later they could get the the 2.33GHZ 1333 FSB Dual core.

Technology works like that.

I financed my tivo S3 at 18 months on 0% interest (Best Buy). I still owe over $400 on it (I paid full retail right at release). I'm not complaining. That's what happens when you're an early adopter.

If you don't like being an early adopter, never buy the highest end model of any electronics gadget.
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