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At the start of the year I was really enjoying watching Northern Exposure on Universal HD. It was a show I liked when it originally aired, but I had missed many episodes in the "time before TiVo".

Looking at a list of episodes on line, it doesn't look like UHD has shown any episodes after Season 3 and that UHD has rerun all the episodes it has shown of Northern Exposure at least 4 times so far this year.

Has UHD held off on doing the HD transfer of the rest of the series due to the cost and the uncertainty of the ratings? Could there be something else preventing them from airing the rest of Northern Exposure?

I'd like to see the rest of the episodes, or at least through the end of Season 5 when Rob Morrow left the show.

Even though I'd like to keep watching in HD, I may have to fall back to DVD and put Northern Exposure in my NetFlix queue.
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