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No TV All of sudden

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My parents roamio has been working fine for years, then all of a sudden this morning none of the channels work. It says Lost Signal, cable signal strength is 0 for every channel. Called Verizon, they say everything is fine on their end and cable card is paired. They say it's our tivo.

We also have phone and internet, and those work. I also rebooted the ONT.

Conditional Access does say
Con: Yes Val: 0x02

In diagnostics, under cable card, it says Channel List Received: No
and a VCT ID: .
VCT ID doesn't even show a number, just a period.

I've rebooted the it many times, checked the coax connections and reran guided setup. Maybe it's the cable card? Should I go to the Verizon store and ask for a new card?
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Have you unplugged it for 3-4 minutes and tried again?

Yes, it was off for longer than that when I tried reseating the cable card.
It's been fixed. For posterity, I'll post what the problem was.

I borrowed another tivo and it was still the same, so that told me it wasn't the tivo.
Verizon then sent a new cable card and it still didn't work, same thing No Signal (V52), with either tivo.
Finally verizon sent a tech, and when he saw our ancient motorola bpon ONT, he immediately went to replace it.
He didn't even bother coming into the house first to see the issue with the tv.
He also went down the street to replace a splitter (I'm assuming optical splitter?, because it's fios)
After that, everything was working again.
Interesting that it was the ONT, because we also have phone and internet, and they were working. Only tv didn't work.
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