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Is there anyone left who doesn't have a reality show?

Caught the last half flipping channels and put it on SP within 10 mins of watching. My new guilty pleasure of the summer. I just hope nobody I know reads this thread. :p

I wonder if the drunk chick was watching tonight and saw how she acts when she's smashed. Does she suddenly get a reality check and promise to never drink again? ...Or does she scream at the TV about how the show edited it to make her look bad?:D

BTW, did Survivor and The Bachelor perfect the reality show format thereby negating all need to try something different? There must be some FCC rule that states all game-show types must follow the Survivor format and all dating-show types must follow The Bachelor format. Otherwise they are subject to fines.

Oh, and all music-related, America-votes-the-winner types must follow the American Idol format.
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