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NO sound recorded

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This is happening too often with my Tivo HD (still 9.1c?) My wife records channel 9 news nightly, my daughter records cold case. Many times their is no sound on the recording AT ALL. The video is fine, just no sound. It seems to be happening only on this channel because all other recordings from other channels are fine. Live TV sometimes has no sound as well, but it is just for this channel. If i tune to the HD version (channel 709) their is sound.

Is this a known bug, or is it just me?

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This is a known issue. Reboot the Tivo and you should have sound back.
If i reboot the tivo, will the sound show up on the already recorded show?...
My THD with 9.4 is doing this now. Some programs are recorded with no sound. I'm rebooting now.

What's weird is there's no sound tab in the program description banner.

A reboot didn't bring back the sound on the programs I have already recorded.
The problem is back. I'm recording "How I Met Your Mother" from the antenna (WBZDT 4-1) and I'm getting no sound. I just recorded "Big Bang Theory" and same thing. I checked the Verizon FIOS channel for HIMYM and (WBZDT 504) and there is sound there.
I seem to have a sound problem often when I download video from Amazon or C-Net...any of the downloaded programs (not recorded from live TV). Interestingly, I can turn my TV off, then back on, and the sound returns. This ONLY happens with downloaded programs, however, so it has to be a TiVo issue. Anybody else seen this?
Volstan, you are experiencing a different problem. Maybe a HDMI handshake issue?
Same problem here. I'm recording only digital OTA channels with the Tivo HD w/ DVR expander. I thought it was a problem with HDMI to the TV, but I'm now using component cables for video and the problem persists. There is no rhyme or reason to the "soundless" recordings. I can get a good recording on a channel and the recording right after it is silent. Audio is also silent when watching live TV as the program is recorded. I have optical to a Pioneer receiver and red/white to the TV. When a recording is silent it's silent on all outputs. Rebooting does not bring sound back to silent recordings. Any idea if a future update with resolve this or is my Tivo HD defective?
I'm having the same issue as you all. Have found that my Surround system is not playing, but I can hear the base working. Also found that in the kitchen the sound works if I set it to 480. Doesn't make any sense to me.
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