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No sound on my recordings

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I recently got Verizon hd cable and since that time whenever I record something with Tivo and the TV's off theres no sound on the recording. In all I have a HDTV, HD cable box, HD Blu-ray, vcr, and a series 2 Tivo all connected.
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If audio on your Tivo is dependent on the tv being powered on, you don't have the Tivo connected correctly. You obviously have the tv's audio output connected to the tivo's audio input. Given the devices you mentioned, the tv's audio outputs should not be connected to anything and the audio inputs on the Tivo need to be connected with the audio outputs of the cable box.
I originally didn't have any audio or video wires connected but I tried what you said and recorded some TV. Unfortunately it still is not recording with sound (with the TV off).
The tv is irrelevant if things are connected correctly.

Maybe you'd better tell us how the cable box, Tivo, and tv are all connected.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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